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0.7% hourly for 250 hours
Min/Max: 1 /
Referral: 5
Withdrawal: Instant
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Added: Dec 16th, 2020
Monitored: 32 days
Lifetime: 32 days
Datacenter Enterpreneur Cloud computing is in high demand, from machine learning to app hosting and even cryptocurrency mining. By financing the construction and upgrades of datacenters, you are eligible to receive 0.7% over your financed value for the next 250 hours, on the interests generated by the computers you have helped build. What if my payment method is not is the list of accepted ones? We try to make datacenter investing as easy annd democratic as possible, but in case that your payment method is not yet accepted, you can use some service to exchange your currency, for example, and can be used to exchange a some cryptocurrencies, instantly, for some others. How do I create an account? Just click on join, or get started, and you will be redirected to the account section, where you can choose the payment method where you want to receive the dividends from your datacenter, and the address where we should send it to. Why is there no password? Because your login is the address where you will receive your payments, so a password is not needed, one account will always payout to the registered wallet, so in regards to account this makes your account as safe as it can get. How do I make an investment? Once you login you will find the address, or the link, or the form, to make an investment. Keep in mind the minimum amount for each payment method of each wallet. Can I have multiple investments? Yes, you can have multiple investments in one or many accounts (in case you ant to diversify the payment methods or receiving wallets) and you can invest as many times and as much as your financial goals desire. What are the minimum investment amounts? It depends on the payment method you choose. For USD methods it is 10 dollars, for DOGE it is 3000 Dogecoins, for BTC it is 0.001 Bitcoin. What happens if I deposit less than the minimum? The system does not log less than the minimum deposits, thus, for this reason, and to prevent abuse of the investment system, deposits less than the minimum will be lost. What is the profitability of the investment? The investment on our datacenters generate a revenue of 0.7% hourly and the contract lasts for 250 hours, yielding a total of 175% per investment (you can have as many investments as you want). What if I forget to request a withdrawal or forget to log in? You do not need to worry about it because automatic withdrawals happen every day, so even if you don’t log in again you will still receive your part of our earnings. What are the minimum withdrawal amounts? It depends on the payment method you choose. For USD methods it is 0.1 dollars, for DOGE it is 50 Dogecoins, for BTC it is 0.0001 Bitcoin. How do I receive my commission if my referral uses a different investment method?
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