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Added: Sep 12th, 2015
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 Program Description 
I am Ing. Miroslav Podhorsky and together with my experienced team we created a company called Bargains Alliance Inc. (back then renowned as MOHO INV) in November 2009. We are from Czech Republic, where I operated as a marketing consultant for Litemise Group company (Developer and investor of commercial and industrial zones). Later I deciced to give up that job and I began to think about running my own business. So I moved to USA, because I have thought there are much better conditions to fulfill my idea. At first we established a small mortgage company with my team called MOHO INV, where people were able to invest to our company in exchange for a stable income of 2,5 - 7% per month of the initially invested amount. People started to like it, because they had their initial investment back 1 - 3 years and after that they made a pure profit. Companies and firms lent money from us much more than ever before. Despite the high fees which we had set - our company was growing every day. The advantage of ours was the speed and reliability. Companies could have the money on their bank accounts within 24 hours of request up to 2 500 000 USD. Since our company has been profiting and growing we decided to offer our services worldwide. Therefore we renamed our company to Bargains Alliance in the beginning of 2014. We also set up bigger interest rates for our investors.

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